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Art & Play - An exhibition by Elsa Nietmann

With the chainsaw, with paint and with fire Elsa Nietmann goes to work. She creates with pen, brush and with the saw in alternation.

Thematically, she deals with form and structure. Structure in the sense of a supporting structure that gives stability to a body. Structure in the sense of an articulated order that describes the relationship of different bodies to each other.

From the dissolution of structure, to the disruption of a pattern, to playful assembling and rearranging. Searching, trying out, varying...

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Kunst & Spiel - Elsa Nietmann - Tanz ohne Titel - Galerie G. Grabsdorf Kunst & Spiel - Elsa Nietmann - Tanz ohne Titel - Galerie G. Grabsdorf

About the Gallery

From the desire to exhibit the historical Munich photographs of his grandfather Herbert Wendling and the possibility to expand his studio space, the Gallery Gerhard Grabsdorf was born in 2010 and 2011.

After a provisional " construction site" in the still unrenovated rooms, the first Munich exhibition then took place in 2011 in the Valentin-Karlstadt-Musäum.

The first years of the gallery were characterized by great experimentation. From street art, often whimsical sculptures and objects, classical painting, comic and pop art to caricatures and, of course, photography, newcomers, but also established artists - mainly coming from Munich - were shown in group and solo exhibitions.

Since 2014, the gallery has focused on kinetic art, historical and contemporary photography, and selected artists from various art genres such as painting and sculpture.

Exhibition Philosophy

Over the years Gerhard Grabsdorf developed his own exhibition philosophy for his gallery.

The exhibitions should not put any artificial obstacles in the way of the visitors. They should invite people to visit the exhibitions, even if they are not primarily art enthusiasts. They should be designed in such a way that they also encourage passers-by in passing to visit the exhibition spontaneously.

The experience and the exchange are put in the foreground. In the case of the kinetic machines, for example, visitors often have to get into action themselves in order to set them in motion. With the photographs, the exchange between visitors about what they have experienced and seen is essential. The exhibitions can be compared more to modern museum exhibitions than to classical sales exhibitions, as they are known from the conventional gallery business.

The exhibits tell stories and/or evoke memories.

"Behind the machine, it is about the human - For man begins where purpose ends" (analogously after Schiller's "Letters on Aesthetic Education"). "Only beyond purpose and duty does he become free."

The success of the philosophy is evident in the diverse groups of visitors. The age range extends from kindergarten groups to mid-agers to aged seniors. The majority of visitors come from Munich and the surrounding area. However, visitors from other European countries - some of whom travel specially - are also welcome guests. The mostly extensive press coverage does the rest. In addition to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, the Bayerische Fernsehen, the Bayerischer Rundfunk, the Global Art Magazin, and Das Münchner Kunstjournal, the Münchner Merkur, the Abendzeitung, the TZ, the Münchner Feuilleton and many others have reported on the gallery.

One of the most outstanding (OFF-topic) projects of the gallery is the "LowTech Instruments Museum". A temporary museum for kinetic art machines by Charly-Ann Cobdak.

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Contemporary Photography

Photography serves as an important medium for documenting urban development. It influences the perception and opinion about places and cities.

With his urban photography  ...

Kinetic Art

As one of a few galleries, the gallery places one of its focuses on kinetic art.

Characteristic of kinetic art is objects in motion with the help of mechanical,  ...

Visual Arts

Painting & Sculpture Also occupy an important part of the gallery portfolio.

For example, regularly with the sculptures sawed (with a chainsaw) or formed from wire and  ...

Books, Calendars, etc.

Since 2011, a Munich calendar with historical photographs by Herbert Wendling has been published annually.

2020 came the illustrated book „Munich 1930 -  ...

The Gallery Offers ...

... exclusive and individual reproductions of historical and contemporary photography, illustrated books, catalogs, puzzles and calendars in its online store and gallery spaces.

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